Option 1-Song Critique: You upload an mp3 of your song and a copy of your lyrics. I will listen to, assess and analyze your song with the same care I have brought to my thousands of sessions. I will then schedule a consultation with you, either by Skype, FaceTime or phone, and help you realize the song’s full potential. For this option, I charge $100.00 per hour spent with you, with a 1-hour minimum. In most cases, an hour split up into two sessions is enough time to get the song where I think it should be, although some songs could take more time.

Option 2-Ongoing Songwriting Education: This option offers regularly scheduled hour long sessions and is a great opportunity for me to share my experience with you. In addition to critiquing your songs, I will help you build your songwriting practice by working with you to develop and refine your process by teaching you how to find inspiration, how to edit and refine your songs, and how to produce the best demos of your work. For this option I charge $100.00 per hour-long session or $350. for a package of 4.




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